The Palupin yard and manor house is located 17 km west of Telč in the village of the same name.
It was first mentioned in written sources in 1350.
At that time it was a large yard with a central building, of which the original windows and a large walled-up portal still remain.
During the Thirty YearsˇWar the yard was badly damaged, because around 1730
the old buildings were reconstructed for then agricultural use and only one smaller
building of this yard was adapted into a Baroque chateau, which has half survived to the present day.
Except for a short period in the years 1801-1803 Palupin was owned by local nobility.
The Count Blankenstein connected it with the neighbouring Batelov estate.
In the second half of the 19th century Palupin was Acquired by Arnold Schulz and his son Ernst.
In 1948 the whole complex was expropriated by the state and then after 1989
returned to the descendants of the former owners in a very bad condition.
The current owner is Johanna Victoria Karenová

The Palupin manor house in 1876 and the brewery belonging to the yard
The brewery was closed in 1900

The distillery belonging to the yard in 1930
It was demolished after 1948

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